Mathematical Biology
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Mathematical biology is an interdisciplinary field that applies mathematical and computational tools to study biological systems. It involves the use of mathematical models to describe and predict the behavior of biological systems, ranging from molecular interactions to population dynamics. The field of mathematical biology has become increasingly important in recent years, as it has the potential to provide insights into complex biological phenomena that are difficult to study experimentally.


One of the key applications of mathematical biology is in the study of population dynamics. Mathematical models can be used to describe the growth and interactions of populations of organisms, such as predator-prey relationships or the spread of infectious diseases. These models can help to predict the future behavior of populations and identify strategies for controlling or managing them.


Another area where mathematical biology has been applied is in the study of molecular interactions. Mathematical models can be used to describe the behavior of molecules within cells, such as gene expression or signal transduction pathways. These models can help to identify key regulatory mechanisms and predict the response of cells to different stimuli.


Mathematical biology has also been used to study the development of organisms, from the formation of organs and tissues to the growth and differentiation of cells. Models can be used to simulate the process of development and predict how changes in gene expression or environmental factors might affect the outcome.


Overall, mathematical biology has become an important tool for understanding complex biological systems and predicting their behavior. As our understanding of biological systems continues to grow, mathematical models will continue to play an important role in advancing our knowledge.

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Prof. Dr. Madjid Eshaghi Gordji
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Mathematical Biology;Population Dynamics; Molecular Interactions; Mathematical Models; Stochastic Processes; Differential Equations; Modeling; Biochemical Reactions; Evolutionary Game Theory; Network Analysis; Spatial Ecology.

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