Dynamical Systems
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear Colleagues,

In recent years, research related to Dynamical systems: modelling, control, and applications in engineering and science has expanded into the realm of mathematical analysis, both theoretically and in terms of applications. Fluid mechanics, viscoelasticity, physics, biology, chemistry, signal processing, and entropy theory are just a few of the domains where the differential equations/inclusions has become an important tool for modelling analysis.

This goal of this section is to give researchers a forum for the dissemination of original research in the areas of modelling, control, and nonlinear dynamical systems, as well as their applications in science and engineering.

Topics that are invited for submission include (but are not limited to):

· Ordinary/partial/delay differential equations;

· Functional/integral/difference equations;

· Dynamical systems on time scales;

· Stochastic PDEs;

· Fractional differential equations and inclusions;

· Mathematical modelling with fractional order derivatives;

· Neural network model;

· Control theory;

· Numerical analysis and algorithms;

· Fixed point theorems and its applications.

Researchers should take advantage of this fantastic chance to share their most recent achievements with the scientific community, in general, and in particular with those who are working in the subjects mentioned in the topics. We encourage scientists to contribute both their original research and review papers that address current trends, practical applications, and links with other scientific disciplines. This section’s main topic is dynamic systems, including modelling, control, and applications.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Prof. Dr. R. Udhayakumar
Prof. Dr.Satyaranjan Mishra
Prof. Dr. Timothy Sands
Prof. Dr. KottakkaranS  Nisar
Prof. Dr. Madjid Eshaghi Gordji
Prof. Dr. Bibhya Sharma
Prof. Dr. M. Shoaib Anwar
Prof. Dr. Hasan Koten
Prof.  Dr. Zoubir  Dahmani
Prof.  Dr. Vladimir Valentinovich Egorov
Prof. Dr. Mboupda
Prof. Dr. Yagub A. Sharifov
Prof. Dr. Ammar Alsinai
Prof. Dr. Jianying Li
Prof. Dr. Kamal N. Soltanov
Prof. Dr. Krishna Pada Das
Prof. Dr. Cristiane Mileo Batistela Gouvea
Prof. Dr. Liaqat Ali
Prof. Dr. Alexander Bochkov
Prof. Dr. Haibin Hang
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Dynamical Systems; Mathematical Modelling; Control Theory; Differential Equations; Stochastic PDEs; Complex Systems; Time Series Analysis; Topological Dynamics; Statistical Mechanics; Neural Network Model; Chaos Theory; Bifurcation Theory; Phase Space; Attractors; Dissipative Systems; Nonlinear Dynamics.

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