Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear Colleagues, 

The Section in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing publishes original papers on numerical analysis and finite dimensional linear algebra with emphasis to numerical aspects.Areas covered by this section include, but are not limited to graph theory, mathematical optimization, discrete mathematics, linear algebra algorithms
complexity analysis of algorithmsfast solvers, stability analysis of algorithms , numerical partial differential equations, convergence analysis of algorithms,  numerical homogenization, mathematical analysis related to numerical methods.

This section provides an open access publishing forum for the numerical analysis and scientific computation community and researchers to publish their new findings .Papers that contain new applications or new insights to different mathematical areas and to other sciences are especially welcome. Expository articles on new subjects in related areas are also encouraged. The section also offers a rapid dissemination of research advances,also encourages interdisciplinary collaboration through the development of Frontiers' Research Topic article collections. 

We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Dr. Natalia Bebiano
Dr. Wei-Ru Xu
Dr. S. Eswaramoorthi
Dr. Muhammad Abbas
Dr. Muhammad Arshad
Dr. Naveed Hussain
Prof. Jianqiang Xie
Prof. Dr. Samer Ezz-Eldien
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Cheverda
Prof. Dr. Afshin Babaei
Prof. Dr. Ercan Çelik
Prof. Dr. P. S. K. Reddy
Prof. Dr. Nan Wang
Prof. Dr. Rahul Kumar Maurya
Prof. Dr. Luca Saluzzi
Prof. Dr. Fazlollah Abbasi
Prof. Dr. Khursheed Alam
Prof. Dr. A. Ramesh Babu
Prof. Dr. Shangyuan Zhang
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba Shaikh
Prof. Dr. Neal Xiong
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Inverse Eigenvalue Problems; Tensor Computation; Linear/Nonlinear Matrix Equations; Numerical Range; Numerical Approximation; Non-Negative Matrix theory; Operator and Matrix Inequalities; Algorithms; Structured Matrices and Operators; Approximation Theory; Differential Equations; Finite Element Analysis; Monte Carlo Methods; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Optimization Algorithms; High-performance Computing;Numerical Integration; Discretization Methods; Error Analysis.

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