Mathematical Physics
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear Colleagues,

Nowadays, Mathematical Physics is devoted to find actual new and original mathematical methods and techniques that are suitable for solving the new and problems and applications in physics, and to show in a new lights or to unify some classical results of physics. Moreover, this field of interest is closely connected with actually applied problems necessary to solve or to improve different applied problems of some other areas like engineering, a wide aspects of theoretical and applied physics, environmental and earth sciences, etc. The mathematical modelling of different practical and theoretical aspects of many branches of physics play a crucial role in this area since it helps the specialist for the better understanding, and consequently of studying, the corresponding phenomenon.


Many areas of mathematics are the keys of these approaches, like partial differential equations, variational calculus, potential theory, complex analysis, optimization theory, nonlinear analysis, differential geometry, statistical mechanics, etc., and these are only a very short list. The mathematical tools have deep applications in a various engineering and physical sciences: hydro and aerodynamics, electricity, magnetism, continuum and statistical mechanics, acoustics, signal processing, theory of relativity, atomic and molecular physics, quantum field theory, and so on.


All these new mathematical approaches should be reflected in the correctly solving of physical problems, emphasized and sustained by practical checking. Therefore, we are expecting to receive theoretical contributions and innovative techniques or novel approaches, and we are also interested in any contributions that bridge some gaps between theoretical results and practical applications.


We look forward to receiving your contributions.


Prof. Dr. Teodor Bulboacă
Prof. Dr. Nehad Ali Shah
Prof. Dr. D.L.Suthar
Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier Garcia-Pacheco
Prof. Dr. Ehsan Hatefi
Prof. Dr. Minking Eie
Prof. Dr. KottakkaranS  Nisar
Prof. Dr. Sara Ibrahim Abdelsalam
Prof. Dr. Fethiye Müge Sakar
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Cheverda
Prof. Dr. M. Shoaib Anwar
Prof. Dr. Yun-hu Wang
Prof. Dr. Mikhail B. Sheftel
Prof. Dr. Abdulghani Muhyi
Prof. Dr. Ryspek Usubamatov
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Younus Bhat
Prof. Dr. Kamal N. Soltanov
Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid mohammed Djaout
Prof. Dr. Antonio W. Cunha
Prof. Dr. Ali Molkhasi

Section Editors


Multivariate Calculus; Ordinary Differential Equations; Partial Differential Equations; Linear Algebra; Group Theory; Real Analysis; Complex Analysis; Calculus of Variations; Functional and Fourier Analysis; Manifold Theory;Topology and Geometry; Nonlinear Dynamics; Calculus of Variations; General Relativity.

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